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Posts from the ‘Canine’ Category

Doodle dashing in Wiltshire

What you might not know about Labradoodles is that their favourite thing in the whole world is running around in circles at top speed in open spaces. The only thing that tops doing that? Doing it with a friend. Rory did just that in Wiltshire last week. Pop over to my canine blog, Living with Rory, to see photographic evidence.


Five things I learnt from my first Crufts

This year, I went to Crufts for the first time. Find out the five things I learnt from my Crufts experience over at my canine blog, Living With Rory.

Review: Holly&Lil collars

If you have a dog and you like collars (who doesn’t?), you might be interested to read my review of Holly&Lil collars over at my other blog, Living With Rory.

A labradoodle in the snow

It’s snowy and I’d seen this lovely post this morning, so I decided to the do the ‘dog in the snow’ pics thing. Don’t worry there are only three (short and sweet), and you can see them over at my dog blog, Living with Rory.

Dogs Trust Hope Project

Image from Beverly & Pack’s Flickr. Have you heard of the Dogs Trust Hope Project? I hadn’t! I have blogged about it over at my other blog, Living with Rory.

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