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My top 3 bag wants right now…

I’m going on holiday soon – woo, etc!

Now, whether it’s right or not to do so just before Christmas, it’s given me an excuse to window shop for bags.

Let’s just say that we’re researching present ideas for others… alright? Here are my top three…


Mulberry Effie East West Hobo, £575,

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton Chandler Bowler, £69,

Radley Luton Holdall, £59,

Radley Luton Holdall, £59,


Temperley for Filofax

On occasion, I find an item that I feel I can’t continue my life without. This is, of course, completely irrational. I know that. However, I don’t want this Temperley for Filofax Violet Compact, I need it!

Whereas some of the other Temperley designs wouldn’t fit into my every day style (for example, The Guinea and The Affair), the Violet Compact is practically perfect in every way, and comes with special Temperley inserts, including dress size measurements, birthday pages and illustrated star sign pages.

At £165 it isn’t cheap, but you can pick up the pocket version for just £135. And when you consider The Guinea and The Affair retail at nearly £400 each, it’s practically a steal. Right? RIGHT?!

Joules Catazine (45 #oneaday)

Over the weekend I received my Joules ‘Catazine’ which, as you may have guessed from the name, is a combination of a catalogue and a magazine. The catazine is sent out quarterly instead of a catalogue, and involves articles throughout. I love the concept of the catazine and I loved the clothes. I could have quite happily worn everything in there.

So, in the spirit of ‘I loved everything’ I thought I would choose a few of my favourites.

Joules dress

Joules jacket

See the full range of their products on the Joules Clothing website. They also sell accessories, footwear, men’s and children’s clothing, as well as some homeware items.

And if you sign up to their catazine you might learn why you should join the WI and how to bring up chickens. Although it is a lot of paper, remember to recycle. 🙂

A Different Kind of Skinny (36 #oneaday)

Although the size zero debate seems to be dying down, even in the throws of fashion week (usually the time of most criticism), the pressure to be skinny remains.

It is no longer the case however, that the skinnier you are the better. Oh no, nothing as simple and straightforward as that. The new pressure is to be healthy skinny.

Everyone and their mother are competing for hours in the gym and running time on the roads. ‘How long did you spend on your bike yesterday?’ they ask flexing their triceps. ‘How far did you go?’ ‘Drinks? Oh darling I can’t. Think of the calories, besides I have swimming in the morning’.

Celebrities now have fitness DVDs and books, showing how they achieved their new figure. Gossip magazines show ‘stars’ pre and post gym visits.

The pressure to be thin takes on new meaning. In the midst of ‘eat five fruit and veg a day’ ads and ‘The Biggest Loser’ and similar programmes, it’s not enough to be thin. You have to be ‘fit’ and eat healthly, as well as having a minimal waistline. Being fat is no longer an image no-no, it’s considered instead a health issue; a drain on our free health care system.

If you are over a size 12 or even 10 then you are viewed as lazy and ignorant. This bothers me (and I’m not even above a size 12). Every other person I meet is a runner (ouch your joints must hurt) or a gym attendee (ouch your bank balance must hurt). And great, good for you, I wish I had the time, energy and money to do the same. But don’t you dare judge me for not pounding the pavements at five am.

I eat healthly, I walk the dog everyday, and yes I get pangs that I should be thinner. I occasionally mountain bike and occasionally run. I’m not a gym member currently, but I have been one in the past. I enjoy all these things (apart from the pangs) but why should I have to prove how ‘fit’ I am. Gosh I almost miss the days where being skinny was just taken as skinny. I’m not sure this new move isn’t more challenging and demoralising than simply choosing to eat less and exercise more to fit into a dress. Now you need small talk about how many miles you ran to achieve that figure, and how many stomach crunches you did this morning. Ah for the good old simple days of judgment on appearances, I sort of miss thee.

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