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Tumblr blog (70)

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So I’ve gone ahead and done it. I’ve started a Tumblr blog. Although, to be honest, i’m using the word ‘blog’ loosely. It’s more a place to dump writing inspiration, ideas and link to things i’ve seen written about writing.

It’s like Twitter but in a blog form, and is solely for my creative writing inspiration moments. ‘Why?’ you may well ask, well because after my blog about #oneaday and blogging I realised I do have a goal I set myself, that I have not been sticking to. I was supposed to be writing creatively on top of everything else. I think by putting all the inspiring things in one place, I can look back, and remember what I wanted to write, and why.

I love this idea. Lets hope it works.

My Tumblr blog ‘Inspiration Hits’ is here.


Holiday Diaries 1: Julie and Julia (56)

Dear Diary, No really I won’t be starting with that. I’m just kidding. But doesn’t that pink diary writing remind you of that electronic diary/ personal organiser you could get in the 90s? No? Just me then. OK.

However, I did think it made sense to start at the beginning of my journey. Well almost. The very beginning of my journey involved a whole lot of wine because I hate flying. What i’m referring to is the second beginning: the flight. And more specifically, the in-flight entertainment.

I watched a whole lot of films during my four flights including Up, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, An Education and (500) Days of Summer – reviews to follow. Julie and Julia was the first film I watched, and you know what, it was great.

I didn’t really know much about the film before I watched it. I knew it had good reviews (that I had never read) and that it was about cooking (which I never did) but still it appealed to me. What I discovered by watching it is that its centered around blogging. Julie sets out to blog her way through Julia Child’s first cookery book, while at the same time you are following the beginnings of Julia’s career when she starts writing the book.

The story is interesting and engaging, and the characters are all likable, even Julie with her self-absorbed flaws. What it does show, clearly, is the stress and challenges faced by those blogging every evening after spending the whole day working in a job they do not enjoy. I can relate. I have been there. I love the job I have now but I haven’t always been as lucky.

The story running alongside Julie blogging is the story of Julia herself. It is told in a way that makes you love straight-talking Julia, and helps you see how she achieved. The ties between the past and present through the food is clever and the story flows well.

I enjoyed Julie and Julia. It made me want to get blogging, and maybe even cooking (the lack of cooking equipment has stalled me a little in that regard). I’d recommend it to bloggers, foodies, and anyone who just feels like a bit of a diversion by following the flow of a true story.

Speaking of it being a true story, the original blog is here. Check it out.

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