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Cliques (Blog 4 #oneaday)

Today i’ve been searching around looking for a topic that I want to write about. There are many. One that I have stumbled across while researching topics is this.

Cliques. Internet cliques. They are everywhere. From the WOW players, to the feminists, to the writers. I’m sure that somewhere there are a few of them trying to explain what the hell they are yabbering on about but the fact the rest of the world has to search around for an ‘in’ says a lot.

There are always going to be people wanting to learn about a topic from base level, and in this day and age we want to do this in a targeted fashion. I want to know what book I should read first, what film I should watch to learn at base level and what WOW character is the best one to start out with. But at the same time I don’t want to be treated like an idiot. I don’t know it already because I haven’t had the opportunity to learn, not because I am slightly brain dead.

To give them credit, some online communities include newbies well. For example dog owners are targeted by all walks (haha) of the canine world online. Information from choosing their first puppy to nutritional advice for the senior dog are readily available. As is information on more rare conditions such as Addisons disease.

Why can’t other communities be more open and accessible? I think that perhaps I am just feeling a little bitter today. I specifically want to learn more about the modern feminist movement. Am I really asking too much?

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