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A labradoodle in the snow

It’s snowy and I’d seen this lovely post this morning, so I decided to the do the ‘dog in the snow’ pics thing. Don’t worry there are only three (short and sweet), and you can see them over at my dog blog, Living with Rory.


Review: Thermatex Dog Coat

Own a dog? Visit Living With Rory to see my review of the best doggy purchase I have ever made, a Thermatex Dog Coat.

Doggy holiday review: Achiltibuie in the Scottish Highlands

Doggy holiday review: Achiltibuie in the Scottish Highlands

New blog post over at Living with Rory about taking a holiday in Achiltibuie in the Highlands with a dog (specifically mine).

Hazy canal dog days: top ten before you book

I have blogged on my Living With Rory blog about my experience of taking the dog on a canal boat holiday. You can see it here!


Timing (69)

Blog 69 #oneaday is ‘Timing’ over at my other blog, Living With Rory.

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