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Must Try Harder: A reluctant runner

Photo: puuikibeach on Flickr

Are you one of those keen running types? Oh you are? Well there is absolutely nothing to see here… Move along… (For everyone else, I have blogged about my hate of running on my exercise blog.)


My exercise blog

Photo: Tara Angkor Hotel on Flickr. I know I’ve been lax in my blog posts over the last year but, honestly, I was at a loss for words. What could I possibly write about that other people would want to read? I was suffering from a kind of writer’s block which mostly extended to my personal online writing (luckily my freelance magazine work and freelance blogging was unaffected).

New year, new blog

I feel like it’s time to start the ball rolling again. To give myself direction, I made a list of my offline activities in the last year and brainstormed a few ideas for each topic. What I discovered is that my main focus outside work is exercise in varying forms, so I’ve started a blog based around my newly-found love of exercise. You can see my first blog post over at Must Try Harder. The visual aspect of the blog is still under construction, but I wanted to start writing so it will be adjusted in stages.

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