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That Cancer Facebook Message

How many of us girls have now received the Facebook message requesting that we put the colour of our bra as our Facebook status? How many people have actually received the warped version of the message that does not even mention the breast cancer awareness message that was the original point? Well me for one. My message just stated that we could have some fun with boys guessing ‘what the girls were up to’. Urgh. Puke.

I had no idea that this was a breast cancer awareness campaign until my best friend group messaged everyone back saying, rightly, that wasn’t this message supposed to have some information about cancer awareness? Links? Information? How screwed up is it that someone actually took someone’s goodwill statement (and yes I do think maybe someone was trying to do a good thing originally, as wrong as they were in their methods) and took all the cancer part away?! WTF?

Today I have read two blog posts on the subject. This one over at Jezebel and this one over at Rarely Wears Liphook. Both make good, valid points as to the flaws of the original idea.

As pointed out by the Jezebel article, it is not only women who are afflicted with breast cancer, something that is ignored by many awareness campaigns. As pointed out by Lori (Rarely Wears Lipstick) if we want to help we should give money/ raise money/ buy products that give money to the cause.

Personally I think the main issue with the whole ‘viral’ campaign is that everyone who doesn’t live in a hole knows that breast cancer exists. We already know that one in three of us will suffer from cancer at some point in our lives. Some of us will not recover. We, and those around us, have more chance of survival because of cancer research. We do not have more chance of survival because we told everyone that our bra today is pink with light pink spots.

In fact most of us can probably take it a step further and name a few treatments that may or may not work on breast cancer depending on it’s aggression. As cancers go, breast cancer is probably the most well known. If you are going to choose a cancer to raise the profile of, choose something else. Choose cervical cancer, and how those with lower immune systems, due to HIV, are at higher risk.  Choose peritoneal cancer and how it can be confused with ovarian cancer. Choose another cancer if awareness is your primary aim.

I really do believe that the person who began this viral had good intentions at heart. To be honest what upsets me the most is that someone had the gall to take the awareness message out and make it ‘a bit of fun’. I’m sorry, was cancer not a light enough tone for you?


  • I came across the Jezebel article from girlonetrack ‘s twitter stream. You can find her blog here.
  • Lipstick Lori writes Rarely Wears Lipstick. You can also find her on twitter.
  • Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading charity in cancer research. Their website gives information on types of cancer, treatments and opportunities to volunteer, among other things.
  • Macmillan Cancer Support are there to support those living with cancer and the families supporting them.
  • Marie Curie Cancer Care provides free nursing care to cancer patients and others with terminal illnesses. They also run their own hospices and support research into cancer.
  • Children with Leukaemia is the UK’s leading charity fighting Britain’s biggest childhood cancer.
  • The Breakthrough Breast Cancer website contains detailed information on the types of breast cancer and has tons of ideas of ways to raise money.

Why I’m Not Excited About Facebook Vanity URLs

(Transferred over from the old Vox blog)

So there is all this hype, and apparently we are all going to be sitting at our computers (at 5.01am for us here in the UK) waiting to choose our very own Facebook url. Maybe we’ll be so nervous we’ll be hitting the refresh button over and over, just hoping against hope that our page loads faster than that other person with the same name on the other side of the world (or even down the street).

Now, assuming the whole system doesn’t go down from the overload of users, we’ll get options of names (because obviously your first choice will be taken – a bit like coming to Gmail or Hotmail late in the game and having to have a collection of numbers after your name). You choose your url, and then you can send people directly to your page. Similar to what MySpace and Twitter have always done… This url will always ‘belong’ to you and even if you decide to leave the Facebook world forever noone else will be able to use it.

Why am I not bothered about this? Because Facebook is, for me, the social networking site I use to connect with people I actually know. I know everyone I am ‘friends’ with, to varying degrees. All of them can spell my name well enough to type it into search and find me, and if they can’t, well who are they to me anyway?

I never refer people to my Facebook page. In fact all my privacy settings are set so high that it would be immensely boring for you to go there. (Unless you know me, in which case you can request to be my virtual Facebook friend – Hi by the way, and no I still haven’t got around to uploading those photos). I kind of like the fact that we don’t have our names splashed all over it. It has meant less spam, and less randoms adding me as a friend (where do these people come from anyway?!). My photos I share on there are my own private pictures of social gatherings I go to, not huge media events that I want everyone to see. I use Twitter to connect with people I know online, and share as much information about myself as I want shared there on the ‘open market’. Systems like Twitter and MySpace are sold on a very different premise to Facebook. They are telling you to SELL YOURSELF. Facebook was always more about connecting with your IRL friends. And yes some of my Twitter friends have become Facebook friends but that is really a whole other thing (and pretty rare on the whole).

Will I be up at 0501 waiting to choose my url…? Only if I happen to be awake. If I don’t register straight away I probably will do so at some point during the morning. Will I be excited about it? Probably not. I’m only registering so it doesn’t look like i’m ridiculous for not having done so.

In case you are excited, or even if you are not, go here after 0501 GMT on Saturday to get your own Facebook vanity url.

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