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Doggy holiday review: Achiltibuie in the Scottish Highlands

Doggy holiday review: Achiltibuie in the Scottish Highlands

New blog post over at Living with Rory about taking a holiday in Achiltibuie in the Highlands with a dog (specifically mine).


Day three #30daysoflists: Things I’m looking forward to…

Postcards (59)

Image from "T"eresa's Photostream

I don’t really get the postcard thing. (I love receiving them though, feel free to send one my way.) The reason why I don’t get it is because postcards fall into two categories, and you must choose between these categories before you send one.

Category One: The on-time, scant on details, postcard

This postcard will arrive before you return from holiday, sharing the sunshine and joy, and sometimes rain. The problem with a category one postcard is that you must send it virtually as you check into the hotel. You really have nothing to say then, except ‘Hotel looks fine under the cover of darkness. Flight was fine.’ Not exactly riveting stuff, although it will have interesting stamps. And, crucially, it will arrive before you get home.

And then there is a category two postcard.

Category Two: The ‘I’m late BUT’ postcard

This kind of postcard is late… and not just late, but really late. It arrives three months after you’ve come back, and you’ve already filled in all those deemed important enough with the finer details of your trip. They are unfortunately the same people you sent the postcards too. The postcard eventually arrives late, but full of detail. It shows you thought of them (the stamps do that) and conveys your holiday excitement. Unfortunately it also shows them you didn’t really want to rush home and maybe you didn’t miss them as much as you should have…

So holiday-makers, as we enter the postcard season, which will it be for you?

To check out some postcards with secrets on them, see

Family (58)

I wasn’t sure what to write about today. I have lots of holiday stories, and a few more book and film reviews but i’m not in the mood to write any of those. I’m actually a bit crabby and irritable today, but mostly i’m sad. So I thought about what could I write about to match my mood, and I immediately thought family.

No, no, not like that. I love my family, and I miss them, hence this blog post makes sense. I’m sad and missing them also makes me sad. Are you with me now?

It’s strange to go from spending almost 24/7 with them on holiday, to almost no time at all. I remember when I moved out to go to university, it was such a huge step but I was so excited. I was going to be a grown up and step out on my own. And as we all discover, it was hard but amazing all at the same time.

After uni I returned home for only a few months before moving out again. I love being out here by myself but I miss the family-ness.

It’s not just the lack of responsibility. Sure I miss having my washing done, meals made for me and not having to pay bills, but that’s not what i’m mourning right now. Currently I am missing the closeness of the family unit. Reading in the same room as someone who is writing, arguing about what TV programme everyone will end up watching, bickering over where to go out to eat, private jokes built over years, and the easy mocking that comes from knowing people so well.

I love them and I miss them, and my recent holiday brought the closeness back and then ripped it away. I’m sad about that, and i’m not ashamed to say it.

Holiday Review Blogging Un-naming (55)

nakhal fort, oman, mountains, view

View from Nakhal Fort, Oman

Is ‘un-naming’ even a word? I’m not sure it is.

I am now back from the sunny climes of my holiday and ready to throw myself back into blogging. I’m still on the #oneaday train, if a little behind. I have, in fact, scrawled special holiday #oneaday topics on my hotel notepad and shiny hotel pen (which I kept. Shouldn’t you always?). Blogging was never far from the edges of my mind, even if it just was the constant, you are now 3 posts behind… you are now 4 posts behind… etc. Unfortunately I now have no idea where I have put this amazing idea parchment, but I can remember at least enough to write a few posts before I find it again.

The problem is what to call these posts. I’m hoping to run them alongside my normal one-a-day posts, so we should have two posts a day. Maybe. Plans go awry don’t they. Anyway, I need a name. Like ‘sunshine posts’ only not as lame. I’m having a mind blank, and it doesn’t help that I think i’ve caught some kind of dodgy airplane shared illness (no not from yesterday, I know I can’t have caught it that quickly).

*sigh* My head hurts. For now just look at a pretty holiday picture I took, and suggest any special holiday blog titling schemes below. Thanks.

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