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Lessons learnt from Buffy (50 #oneaday)

I’m not feeling too great. I’m lying here on the sofa, feeling rough, watching the Buffy The Vampire Slayer marathon on Sci Fi (by the way, when did it change it’s name back from Sy Fy? Anyone?)

Now, as you may or may not know, I like to take everything as a learning experience. And with that in mind i’ve comprised some lessons learnt from Buffy. I know, you are excited, you want to know what i’ve learned. I’ll jump right in shall I?

1. Never patrol alone
This is a basic rule. If you patrol alone something bad will happen, and I don’t just mean being jumped by some vampire. You might have some incantation cast on you, or you might be jumped by the swim team captain, or some black hole will open up underneath you. Just don’t do it. It’s a bad idea. Even if you take someone fairly useless like Xander, take someone.

2. Do your research
Know your enemy. It helps to have a watcher for this level of research, and an extensive magic and myths library. If you don’t have your very own Giles (or he has been ‘borrowed’ by the enemy) then improvise like he teaches and all will be ok. If you need some sneaky research or background checks then you should probably ask Willow. She’s your girl for that kind of stuff. She is however, rubbish at lying about it, so keep her out the way when covering your tracks.

3. Trust your friends
Even when they are being incredibly annoying they are looking out for you. Don’t push them away or argue, that inevitably ends in something bad happening. Tell them where you are going, and at what time, and when you expect to be back. They might just be there pulling you out of the pentagram at the crucial moment.

4. Be careful of those who know too much about you
If you meet someone who knows you are the slayer, or you reconnect with someone who knows your secret, then there is trouble afoot. Run (subtly), do points 1, 2, 3 and 5.

5. Always carry a stake
They just come in handy. Fact.

6. Some evils are evil-evil and some are evil-good
And finally stake and scare off daemons. They are bad, and everyone is better off when they are dust. The same applies to vampires… unless they are Angel or Spike, who are evil-good, not evil-evil. There is a distinct difference. Although sometimes they are evil-evil, it just depends…

Well I hope you learned something. Got to run as Buffy is about to rescue her watcher from evil-evil Angel, with the help of evil-good Spike. Very important.


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