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Snorkeling (61)



Image from Jurvetson’s photostream

I had my first real experience of snorkeling when I was on holiday. It was amazing. I can’t explain how it feels to be swimming among wild fish, of all different shapes, sizes and colours. They were everywhere, all around me. I loved it. But I’m not going to lie, it was tough originally. The whole not breathing through your nose thing, that was particularly difficult. And sea water tastes nasty. Oh and walking in flippers is hard. But it all fades when I remember what it was like when I first swam over some coral reef and there were hundreds of fish. It is something I will always remember.

You should all try it if you haven’t. Although not if you don’t like fish, or water, or can’t swim…


Holiday Review Blogging Un-naming (55)

nakhal fort, oman, mountains, view

View from Nakhal Fort, Oman

Is ‘un-naming’ even a word? I’m not sure it is.

I am now back from the sunny climes of my holiday and ready to throw myself back into blogging. I’m still on the #oneaday train, if a little behind. I have, in fact, scrawled special holiday #oneaday topics on my hotel notepad and shiny hotel pen (which I kept. Shouldn’t you always?). Blogging was never far from the edges of my mind, even if it just was the constant, you are now 3 posts behind… you are now 4 posts behind… etc. Unfortunately I now have no idea where I have put this amazing idea parchment, but I can remember at least enough to write a few posts before I find it again.

The problem is what to call these posts. I’m hoping to run them alongside my normal one-a-day posts, so we should have two posts a day. Maybe. Plans go awry don’t they. Anyway, I need a name. Like ‘sunshine posts’ only not as lame. I’m having a mind blank, and it doesn’t help that I think i’ve caught some kind of dodgy airplane shared illness (no not from yesterday, I know I can’t have caught it that quickly).

*sigh* My head hurts. For now just look at a pretty holiday picture I took, and suggest any special holiday blog titling schemes below. Thanks.

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