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Hazy canal dog days: top ten before you book

I have blogged on my Living With Rory blog about my experience of taking the dog on a canal boat holiday. You can see it here!



One-A-Day and blogging (66)

Image from cambodia4kidsorg's Flickr photostream

I started the current versions of this blog and Living With Rory fairly recently, although I don’t know the date exactly. The plan was to showcase my writing, while improving it and learning more about myself. I think I have done those things. In fact, i’ve even changed my day-to-day life through blogging. I changed jobs about two months ago. The directors and my new boss(es) read my blogs before they interviewed me. They asked me about my writing online, and my use of twitter. They told me I had showcased my writing well and that they knew I could write. They also asked me how I found the time around a full time job to write. What was my truthful answer? “I wanted to write for a living, and I wanted to be able to come into an interview situation like this and prove that I was serious, and that I could write.” They liked that. I got the job.

So now I write for a living. That was the initial intention. Arguably I now learn more from my daily work, than I do from the action of writing over and over in a short space of time blogging in the evening. I definitely learn more about structure and about publishing as a whole.

I have also learnt more about myself. I do have opinions and I value other people’s comments. I never thought I would have even one blog reader. I get comments sometimes so I guess I do have readers, sometimes.

I have achieved all my goals. When I joined the one-a-day collective I had not. It was an amazing challenge, one post a day for a year. 365 days, 365 posts. An amazing but tough challenge, a chance to achieve the internal goals I had set myself.

There are days when I don’t write and I don’t lie about it. My goal is now 365 posts over the year. Some people would say i’m a failure, but you know what? I’m still here. People have fallen by the wayside, day after day on the challenge, and I have to ask is it because of the judgmental nature of others? There are millions of reasons why you might not post, stuff gets in the way. I’ve suffered a variety of setbacks from technical issues and work commitments, to just flat out despondency. But I am still here. I have stuck it out. If others had understood they could still be part of the collective after missing a day or two, maybe they would still be here, blogging more often than they would otherwise, and learning more about themselves and their writing. They should be here.

I refuse to accept I have failed. I have become more regimented about my writing, I have got a job writing full-time and I am definitely happier than when I started this project. And I have blogged more than I would have otherwise – only you can decide whether that has been a good or a bad thing. The moral of the story is stick at it, even if you are not exactly within the rules set out at the beginning.

At the end of the day, even the founder of this whole project, he who made the rules, isn’t here taking part. There are no police marching up and down setting the boundaries, throwing you out the collective when you can’t write. I guess what I’m saying is, if you feel like it, you should join in or rejoin the project. You can be on my one-a-day list and there are no failures here, as long as you give the project your best. Because really, that is all any of us can give.

I hate running (64)

Image from Britt Selvitille's photosteam on Flickr (@bs on Twitter) of him and Addi finishing their 5k

Actually my running hate, it’s more than a hate,  it’s more loathing than anything else. So why did I decide to go running after work today? Why did I decide to restart running the day before the London Marathon? I guess it beats starting the day after. It might have had something to do with the three cakes I ate today. Or it might have something to do with Gisele Scanlon’s inspiring pieces about running in The Goddess Experience. Or maybe it is the guilt I feel from being very good friends with someone who competes at a high level in triathlons. It could even be the new-ish, honest, great named, blog of Susi Weaser who started her own running challenge fairly recently.

To be honest, right now, I have no idea. And what really matters is that I did it, for, like, practically a whole hour. And it hurt like hell.

You see I don’t go for this researching, choosing a running plan, lets go running sensibly plan. Oh no, that’s not for me. I’m more of the school of hard running. Where you run until your heart feels like it’s about to give out and you can’t see straight, and then you collapse into walk struggling for breath. When the world stops spinning and you are slightly less blue from lack of oxygen, you start jogging again. Slowly, and in pain, but still forward, sort of. I’m not actually convinced I couldn’t have walked it quicker.

To add insult to injury I decided to take the dog. And not just any dog, oh no, my long-legged, athletic, never runs out of energy, thinks running is the BEST! THING! EVER! dog. A little bit of advice, don’t run with a Labradoodle. They can run faster than you, and when you speed up because you think it might be a good idea to catch them up, they run faster. They will run laps around you, shooting you questioning looks as to why you are running so damn slowly. When you walk, they will want to play with a stick because they think that is why you stopped, because why else would you have stopped?

Also it’s totally impossible to whistle when you are unfit and attempting to run. It kind of comes out like whooshing air. Embarrassing in front of an audience, trust me on that one. Particularly when the dog turns round like ‘Really?! Is that all you got? Mwahahahaha’

I have this dream where I bound past people with this beautiful fit person glow, i’m all toned and perfect. People stop in awe at my beautiful running self. Which brings me to my last point, meeting people when red and sweating buckets is stressful. I look like i’m actually going to die. Apart from the lack of talking (and whistling) ability, i’m also ridiculously slow. It takes me a painful amount of time to pass people, which gives them ample time to take in my appearance and laugh to themselves.

I know, I know, I need to do this hard bit first. It will get better. Etc etc. However, I do think maybe running is not in fact for me. I don’t see a point in the future where it will not hurt, and my muscle pain from this run will probably not ease until Monday at least. Urgh. Give me a horse or bike to ride anyday.

For those interested I do plan to continue attempting to run, I just need to let my muscles repair first. And the memory of running today to fade. Give me a while. Middle of next week maybe? Maybe… Oh and I was wearing my all pink running outfit, I was so cool.

New MacGirl (63)

Image from Jared's flickr photostream

I’m now a MacGirl I suppose, and you know what? My Mac is giving me jip. This is not what I was promised. I was led to believe that the Mac side was greener and stuff. The sun always shines and the error messages stop coming. Minor problem with the ‘no error messages’ thing… when something goes wrong you have no idea what it is! You just get the spinning rainbow circle which, i’ll agree is pretty and everything… for the first five minutes. Then it is infuriating.

I have even had crashing today. Quite simply fixed crashing by pressing the off button, and the start-up time is almost nothing, but still there was a crash.

And what did I do to make this happen? I dared to tried to put in a Grey’s Anatomy DVD (which as well as crashing the computer, it then refused to spit out once I had put it in). How very dare I? Indeed.

Thoughts on salad (60)

salad, rocket

Image from catsper's flickr photostream

Woo… blog 60!

I eat a fair amount of salad, and today I was reading a some recipes for work. And so, bearing that in mind, here goes my dissection of some salad.

Rocket. Love it. Can’t actually get enough. Sometimes I eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s peppery and amazing and great. If you don’t eat rocket, why not?! Added bonus – it lasts a fair amount of time.

Watercress. Bleh. Tastes alright on the first day it is picked but nothing all that special. Like it in soup. Is always the first part of mixed salad to go all slimy and brown. Ick.

Spinach. Lasts FOREVER. That’s the best thing about it. I love that about Spinach. I call it the salad filler, because there is so much in a bag it bulks it out and doesn’t really taste like much. (Maybe I have bad taste buds, I don’t know.)

Tomato. Mmm… especially vine tomatoes. Yum, yum, yum, yum!

Sweetcorn. Goes with almost every meal. You should always have a tin. FACT.

Red onion. It tastes good, and it has a satisfying crunch. But there is no getting away from it, it will make your breath smell bad. Is it worth it? Only you can answer that question.

Olives. Yummy but I never have any. Who seriously will eat a whole jar before they go off, or is willing to pay stupid amounts for the special salad feta and olive mixes? Besides, maybe sometimes you don’t want feta as well… oh who am I kidding olives and feta go together like wine and, well, wine, or wine and crisps.

That completes my insightful and totally practical guide to salad, just in case you’ve never had it. (If you haven’t you must have very bad insides.)

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