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New MacGirl (63)

Image from Jared's flickr photostream

I’m now a MacGirl I suppose, and you know what? My Mac is giving me jip. This is not what I was promised. I was led to believe that the Mac side was greener and stuff. The sun always shines and the error messages stop coming. Minor problem with the ‘no error messages’ thing… when something goes wrong you have no idea what it is! You just get the spinning rainbow circle which, i’ll agree is pretty and everything… for the first five minutes. Then it is infuriating.

I have even had crashing today. Quite simply fixed crashing by pressing the off button, and the start-up time is almost nothing, but still there was a crash.

And what did I do to make this happen? I dared to tried to put in a Grey’s Anatomy DVD (which as well as crashing the computer, it then refused to spit out once I had put it in). How very dare I? Indeed.


Obsession With Technology (13 #oneaday)

We seem to have a problem in this modern age. A problem with obsession, obsession with technology. I am as guilty of this vice as the next guy. This is the start of an ill conceived rant so I apologise in advance.

Today, I am on Twitter, as I often am, and all I can see is the Apple Tablet comments. And then the Steve Jobs comments. And then the iPad comments. So much so that they consume my feed. I should be annoyed by this, but i’m not. I care. I want to know more despite the fact I have avoided any speculation about what Apple were planning to release. I’ve gone cold turkey. I’m like a heroin addict desperate for a fix.

I admit it. I am obsessed with technology. While at university for three years I managed to wing my way through over ten phones. Not cheap ones either, top of the range, new models. Since leaving over two years ago I have managed to keep my phone consumption down to about five, and I feel settled with my Blackberry Curve 8520. Although, since you are asking, i’d quite like a new Blackberry Bold 9700.

My computer consumption was finally curbed by a Sony Vaio laptop, which I have replaced with a new Sony Vaio laptop, while secretly craving a MacBook Air. I do wonder however, if people would take me more seriously with a MacBook Pro. Only in the media industry? Ok then.

Cameras have suffered a similar short lived life with me. My original APS camera was replaced by a Pentax Optio S. My Optio S was followed by a Sony thin camera thing. That was followed by a Olympus Miu 720 SW, etc. Etc. Until my Nikon D40X (I kind of want a Lumix G1).

I wonder what drives this in me, and from the focus on twitter I wonder what drives it in other people. Tech is an important part of me and I won’t be giving it up. My obsession with technology is here to stay, is yours? And more importantly, are you willing to admit that you suffer from it?

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