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Labradoodle Photos! (32 #oneaday)

Blog 32 is Labradoodle Photos over at Living With Rory.


Photos from Flickr (31 #oneaday)

Earlier this week I read this very useful post on finding and using photographs from Flickr on

I have worried about using other people’s pictures. I was unsure how to be completely clear as to whether the ‘owner’ of the copyright was happy for them to be used. I always linked back to the source, but was that enough?! I know I would be furious if someone used one of my photographs and did not credit it to me, but what if I accidentally use an image usually charged for? I’d rather not take the risk.

For me, a picture always adds something to a blog post, and is almost relief for word weary eyes. Now I feel much more comfortable in using photographs. Expect lots of pretty Flickr photo peppered posts in the future.

Here is one to start with:

Daimler the Jaguar

Photograph from Tambako the Jaguar’s Flickr Stream

I love big cats. 🙂 x

Photography (Blog 7 #oneaday)

Photography is one of my favourite things. It does not matter whether it is taking photos or viewing other peoples’ pictures. I love it. In the spirit of this, today I have launched my very own photoblog here on wordpress.

There is something about the capture of that one moment that appeals to me. Suspension of that exact millisecond, forever. You will not forget that moment.

Each picture is enigmatic. What happened around the photograph? What story is it telling? The truth is that it is in the eye of the beholder. We all get to tell our own stories. Maybe that is the magic behind it.

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