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2013 downsizing

Image from Sean MacEntee’s Flickr.

I know that everyone else is still all hung up on the Christmas season and, yes, officially the actual day of the birth of the baby called Jesus has not officially passed but, to be honest, I’m all Christmassed out and all for a little bit of New Year New Life planning.

This probably comes from working on a magazine where we are just about to start our Spring issue (it comes after the March issue, in case you were wondering, which you probably weren’t) and my work Christmas decorations came down a couple of months ago. Any bright and shiny festive spirit will be likely to reoccur after I work at the Olympia Horse Show next week – nothing says ‘wake up and smell the mulled wine’ like a horse show in the middle of London.

So blogging about the festive season aside, at least until next week, I’m thinking about what I’m going to do in the year of 2013 and it mainly involves downsizing…

A) Myself. As impressed as I am that I managed to maintain actual exercise in a real life sweaty gym for virtually the whole of 2012, I must try harder. Next year I want there to be less of me, not just to be fit enough to carry my bulk.

B) To aid point A, I must also reduce my office snacking by improving my willpower and drinking herbal tea. This already sounds dull and difficult.

C) Handbag – I have ‘handbag shoulder’, which is like tennis elbow except completely related to carrying a bag the size of a small country around filled with heavy things like notebooks and useless coins (I even have Icelandic coins rattling around). Notebooks are coming out. Rediscovered Pocket Malden Filofax is going in as a purse/diary. I will find a smaller bag, too. After all, if I achieve point A, I might very well collapse under the weight of my own bag.

D) Time spent watching reality TV. What a waste of my life, unless I’m getting paid to review it, in which case I’m all over it like a rash.

E) Money out of my bank account. Enough said.

F) Wine. According to the research I did for a feature recently, wine causes lots of bad things like irregular brain patterns, messing up digestion and bloating as your body tries to dilute the toxins you’ve put in. Also January is Dryathlon month, where you can give up alcohol for one whole month to raise money for Cancer Research, so I figure why not combine the two?

Well that’s all I can think of right now. Are you downsizing in the new year? I want to know how! Also, a suggested starting point – sign up for the Dryathlon and do it with me! What a great way to kick off your Christmas detox and raise money for a great cause at the same time.


Bank Statements (21 #oneaday)

I am watching Bank of Mum and Dad and their expert said something interesting. He said “You can tell a lot about someone from their bank statement and what they are spending money on, and you, you like socialising”.

This got me thinking, what does my bank statement say about me. It says I like petrol, food, mortgage repayments and feeding the dog. Wow. I’m so exciting.

Anyone want to go out tonight? Anyone? (Actually I can’t. I have plans.)

On a different note, the boy Andrew from Manchester on ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ is in trouble. Now he has both his parents there, and has been ordered to make corn beef hash. Must run, I might learn something…

Are you watching Masterchef Australia? (14 #oneaday)

I’m a bit of a sucker for reality tv style cooking shows. I love Great British Menu. I love Hell’s Kitchen (both the Gordon Ramsay version and Marco Pierre White’s). I thought the series where Jamie Oliver’s friend started a pig farm, that programme, that was GREAT. I have loved Jamie’s School Dinners, Top Chef, Kitchen Nightmares, Monty Halls Great Escape, Big Chef takes on Little Chef and even, on occasion, The F Word. And oh my gosh The Restaurant. I love that show.

There is however one exception. I have never been taken by Masterchef. It doesn’t do anything for me. I’m not saying this means it is a bad show. I’m sure plenty of people love it and I know my mum and sister do. It’s too safe for me, there is not enough extreme competition. I want to see people juggle knives. In Top Chef they have to BBQ high end food on the beach for surfers, they have to cater on yacht on a budget, they have quick fire challenges. Masterchef has ‘heats’. Yes, they have to work in a professional kitchen (i’m sure it’s hard) and yes they have to make the same ingredients look exciting and edible (also hard), but it does not make riveting viewing. I will watch it if nothing else is on.

On the other hand, Masterchef Australia is BRILLIANT. It is much more Top Chef and much less Masterchef UK. The first episode I watched gave a contestant the opportunity, early on in the competition, to win a free passage to the final. All they had to do is cook a plate of food better than a famous Australian chef. Easy right? Ok well maybe not, but it was great tv. (He lost and rejoined the rest of the gang).

Then they had to work in two teams in a high end sushi restaurant and arranged their teams in an Apprentice style with buyers, and chefs, and stuff. (I love The Apprentice but that’s another story). It was exciting and made you care about the individuals – the staple of a reality show.

And now i’m watching it; i’m learning. And, shock of shocks, I don’t mind i’m learning. It’s a miracle! The mentors are showing the team how to make a chocolate and olive oil mousse. I want to eat it. I want to taste raw egg (you would have to watch this episode to understand).

I love it. I’m Sky+ ing it. You should too.

Masterchef Australia is on Watch at 7pm everyday except Saturday.

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