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Hooked on Carl and Chas

Photo from Tim Green on Flickr.

After years of disinterest, I have returned to Emmerdale viewing for one reason – the relationship between Carl King and Chastity Dingle. When I was a religious soap watcher aka student, their on-off relationship had me hooked. From the accidental murder of Carl’s father, Tom, due to an argument about Chas (Carl pushes him and he falls out a window in true soap style) to the exposé of Carl’s infidelity by Chas at their wedding, it is non-stop action, drama and emotional turmoil.

The make or break of soap star relationships are, of course, the actors and this is no exception. There is just something about the chemistry between Tom Lister and Lucy Pargeter that keeps me tuning in for more. I was devastated along with Chas when Carl finished their relationship in 2007. I hated and pitied Carl when he had one affair after another, but always went back to Chas. For some reason, they just can’t stay away from each other.

Maybe that is the crux of it. Their relationship is flawed just like ours often are. They try to move on with other people, but they are still drawn to each other. It’s that all consuming love that you never really escape the draw of, even if it’s not always good for you. And now Carl has declared his love for Chas again in a sort of charming, if a little intense and unhinged, speech, but what will she do? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out. One thing’s for sure, with Carl and Chas it’s bound to be explosive!

A week of Emmerdale drama starts on ITV on the 15 October.


Can Members of the Opposite Sex be ‘Just Friends’? (42 #oneaday)

This question is often debated in social situations. How often is it speculated about when a girl spends time with a boy (or vice versa) as ‘just friends’? It is always assumed that one must like the other. And even when it is not explicitly said, it is implicit in most people’s internal conversations with themselves. I’m no innocent in this, I often think there must be something further than friendship there.

Arguably we hold friendships with the opposite sex innocently in all areas of our lives; from the teachers we have in school, to our co-workers, to our suppliers and contacts, to our hair dressers and our friends on Twitter.

This leads me to my point. I believe that members of the opposite sex can be ‘just friends’, but, and this is a big but, that person you are good friends with, you are attracted to them. Before you start yelling at the computer screen, hear me out. You like, you might even love, aspects of their personality. You might admire their style. You might find them fun to be around and ‘easy on the eye’. Think about it. You are attracted to them. Something about them has made you want to be their friend.

In girl-world (yes I think I might have just made up that word) we call the extemes of this  ‘girl crushes’. This describes that feeling you get when you want to be their friend, you want to hang out with them and you want their wardrobe/ to learn how they make their hair perfect/ to learn how they are so nice all the time. Just the use of the word ‘crush’ implies an attraction. You admire something in them. This doesn’t mean you want to sleep with them, it doesn’t even mean you want to kiss them or hold their hand, but don’t you dare be fooled. The attraction is there under the surface.

So can members of the opposite sex (or indeed members of the same-sex if you are that way inclined) just be friends? Yes. Does that mean that the relationship is completely platonic without attraction? No, it definitely does not.

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