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Holiday Diaries 2: Thirst (57)

vampire, fiction, book, christopher pike, alisa perneI have to admit it. I’m a sucker for vamp-fiction. Now let’s get this clear before I go any further, I read Twilight before it was a phase. I loved it way before the film and RPatz, and in fact, although he is nice and everything, neither of the two films released so far do the books justice. If you haven’t read the books, read them. They are good.

I’ll give you that they sound stupid. The number of times i’ve started to describe Twilight along the lines of ‘Well it’s this story about this teenage girl, who’s, like, in high school you know. And she, well she falls in love with this vampire boy, who is a good, vegetarian vampire, from this good vegetarian vampire family, and then stuff happens, and then she realises an old friend from her childhood can turn into a wolf…’ I can see the incredulous looks on those people’s faces now, in my head. But really, you have to read it to understand. It’s a love story with magic to it. The films do not do it justice. I can not say that enough. I cried at the start of New Moon, cried, my eyes out: that does not happen to me very much.

I’m a total fan girl. Did you know that Stephenie Meyer was writing the whole story again from Edward’s point of view? The first book in that series was called Midnight Sun and was leaked on the internet. Stephenie then published an up-to-date version on her website, and stopped writing it. She was too hurt and angry to continue at the time.

Anyway I totally digress, what I actually wanted to write about today was Thirst by Christopher Pike. I was browsing Virgin Megastore in a mall in Dubai, (I forget which one, they have a whole lot of malls) when I spotted this series on the side. I say series because although it is two physical books, it appears they were actually written almost as six shorter stories with section names and updates on what happened last time.

Without giving too much away, because if you like vamp fiction you should totally read these too, the story centres around Alisa Perne – the oldest vampire on earth. She is beautiful, smart, funny, rich, impatient and deadly. She is scared of no-one. That is until she discovers her maker is seeking her…

The story dips in and out of history, blurring fantasy with reality and making you doubt what is real and what is not – the earmark of a good storyteller. It’s not one for the squeamish as there is a fair bit of killing visual description, but then again I enjoyed it and I don’t particularly enjoy reading about brain splatter.

Christopher has reintroduced the idea of deadly vampires into my brain. Alisa is not safe and friendly, she has no qualms about killing someone if they are a risk to her or her identity, in fact sometimes she kills just because people have annoyed her. She is no Edward Cullen or Bill Compton. She is what she is, with her own rules of correct behaviour. She’s real. I kind of love her.

So, if you like a whole lot of adventure with your blonde haired, blue eyed, five thousand year old vampire, I would whole-heartedly recommend Thirst, parts 1 and 2. Did I mention the covers feel all funny and special? Well they do.

Thirst part 1 is available for only £6.64, and Thirst part 2 is £5.97 on Amazon.

Advertisements (Blog 5 #oneaday)

Today I came across via one of my friends on Twitter, @bizzybee. I love it. I’m still getting to grips with the ins and outs of the whole site but it is basically that book list that you keep meaning to make. The books you read, the ones you want to read, and what you are reading now. Except it’s not in a tattered old notebook that you keep misplacing. It’s online, and interactive. That means it’s better. You can share your list with friends, family or just with the whole online world in general. You can read and write reviews of books you have read. You can write your own stories and share them online. If you are an author yourself you can claim and maintain your own page, complete with blog and book listings.

The site also allows you to list which books you own and create ‘shelves’ so you can group different types of books together. These shelves could be anything from ‘chick-lit’ to ‘never read again’ to ‘best of 2009’. There are also many, many top lists that you can create and vote on. has an extensive database. It does not just show you the different titles that you may have read, but also gives you the option of different editions! It might be a little bit pedantic of me, but I quite like that I can choose the one with the cover I remember. It is a nice touch!

Additionally you can add and favourite famous quotes. Or you could do as I did, and just spend hours reading them.

When I have time I devour books. I’m hoping that this site will inspire me to begin reading more regularly again. Gosh. With all this reading and writing I have planned I will never have time for anything else!

You can find my ‘under construction’ profile on here.

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