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Posts tagged ‘Social Networking’ Ask Me A Question (17 #oneaday)

I have just joined formspring, and so far I have no questions *insert sad face here*.

If you haven’t heard of it the site is based around a very basic idea. You sign up and anyone can ask you a question. You answer and it is published on your profile.

It seems like a fun way to let others get to know you, and could definitely be a beneficial tool for authors and bloggers. In fact, now I think about it it could potentially be a beneficial tool for companies as well.

I am slightly concerned that it encourages online stalking, but you can only be stalked by the amount you give up in your answers. And to be honest you are unlikely to answer in a way that is more specific than, say, your blog posts are anyway.

You can follow other people you are interested in, and their answers appear in a timeline that you can easily access. I haven’t investigated this further than a search of those I follow on Twitter (from within the site itself). Apparently you can also search for people you ‘know’ on Facebook too.

There are options to link your page to your Twitter, Facebook, Blogger and Tumblr accounts AND most importantly for me, it does not spam your Twitter, unless you say it’s OK! Woo! Go progress! I am still scarred from the days where anything you linked to your Twitter meant hundreds of updates per day for your followers.

So, what are you waiting for? Get over there and ask me a question!


What Annoys Me on Twitter (Blog 9 #oneaday)

It’s no secret that I love Twitter, quite a lot. I use it to connect with other like minded people, a few people I know IRL and some companies and publications I am particularly interested in. The people I follow update with amusing, relevant ‘tweets’. Most of them also link to interesting things they have found online, or interesting things they have written themselves. Bearing this in mind I have a few bug-bears of how other people use Twitter.

Now the great thing about Twitter is that you don’t have to put up with any of the below, you follow who you follow, and leave out all the rest. You also have the right, if you wish, to do ALL of the below. That’s fine, I just won’t be following you. (This is with the exception of point one – that one I can forgive).

People who don’t have favourites. This is a minor one but still. All I can say is seriously? There has never been anything that anyone has posted that you want to remember? Not even a link you want to check out later? I think you are a little bit weird. Follow more people, particularly those who are amusing. This might even be a bit of a selfish point really, as when i’m bored I check out people’s favourites to learn more about what they find amusing (in a non-stalker way) and to find new people to follow.

People who only favourite themselves. I’ll accept a few of your own tweets, especially if it is clear it’s not just so you can go back and marvel at your own poetic genius. However, if every other tweet is your own I think you maybe need to take a long look in the mirror and decide that maybe this is not necessary. After all, there is plenty of opportunity to gloat in how amazing you are on your profile page (that’s where I go) without looking like you are insufferably arrogant.

Updating without links. Add value. Talk about something and then link to it. Don’t reference something obscure and then don’t give us access to it. Yes we all have Google but we don’t always have time to do three targeted searches on the way to the car. Link please!

Only following people you know. You are more than entitled to do this, just don’t then moan at me that Twitter is boring and uninspired. You know what those people you are following are going to say and what they are thinking because you see them everyday. You are not making the most of Twitter. This is your choice. Do Not Moan.

Those who don’t respond to conversations. Celebrities don’t respond to comments on their tweets because they have 80 million everyday. The rule for pretty much everyone else is, if the comment is fair or even amusing you should respond in some way. Even if it’s just to say ‘yeah!’. It makes you accessible. I think this is particularly important if you are a company or celebrity, for everyone else it is just polite!

Those who moan about celebrities not responding to conversations. See above.

Those who ONLY follow celebrities. This is again a different use of Twitter that you are perfectly entitled to do. It annoys me because there are so many non-celebrities that are amusing, intelligent, informative people. By all means follow celebrities, I do so myself, but open your eyes to the wider added value from others on the site.

Twitter is a brilliant tool if you use it to it’s best advantage. The biggest complaint I have is people criticising my use of the site because it has now become popularised and they don’t understand or like it. You don’t like it because you don’t use it the right way for you. Now you have an idea of how I use it, maybe you will look at it with new eyes.

You can follow me on twitter here.

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