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Usher (65)

From tixgirl's Flickr photostream

I’m angry at Usher today. That stupid new song ‘OMG’. That’s the name of the song not what i’m saying. What happened to him? I remember the days of ‘U Remind Me’ where his lyrics had meaning (sort of) and when his dancing lit up the TV screen. As he grew up we had emotional gems such as ‘Confessions’ and ‘Burn’, with real, personal, meaningful lyrics. And that amazing duet with Alicia Keys, My Boo. Now we have ‘honey got a booty like pow pow pow, honey got some boobies like wow, oh wow’. Reminds me of teenage boys and i’m slightly repulsed.

Oh Usher. Where did it go wrong?

And while i’m on a rant the STUPID OFFICIAL FEED ON YOUTUBE won’t work for me because I’M IN THE UK! IDIOTIC. *And breathe*


Happy Song Coincidence (39 #oneaday)

I just read this post shared by @meandmybigmouth, on the topic of revenge. It’s a good post, but I came away from it thinking something completely different to the intended point. I came away singing Kenny Rogers.

As a child my mum used to play the same tapes on repeat in the car. Yes. That’s right. I’m that old. Anyway, she used to play them on repeat, until we flipped them over and listened to the other side to death. A favourite was Robson and Jerome. Another favourite was a tape with a whole lot of Dolly Parton. Eventually the car was sold and my favourite tape was lost in the sale. No doubt intentionally stolen by the new owner (a garage I believe) and played over and over until it snapped, while they fixed exhausts and fiddled with oil tanks or whatever it is they do (i’m such a girl I know).

I had a favourite song on that favourite tape. It was about this boy, who was always calm, reasonable and followed the advice of his father despite the fact that said father was behind bars. Then one day, ‘cabin boys came calling’ and ‘they went after Becky’ (his girl) and ‘there were three of them’. And the boy snapped and protected her by hitting them – or at least that’s what I took away from it. But it was ok, because his dad understood that ‘sometimes you have to fight to be a man’.

Moral story really. Although does violence ever make things better? It probably made ‘Becky’ feel better in this instance; even if it did end with her boyfriend crying and singing to a photograph of his father on the mantelpiece.

I digress. I loved this song. And the tape was stolen lost. I searched high and low for it. I bought CDs but could not find the exact song. (This was before MP3 downloads kids. Gosh this post is showing my age.) I occasionally sing it in an absent minded, wistful way. AND THEN, TODAY this post told me it was sung by Kenny Rogers. And now I am happy because I am going to download it, and sing it all of tomorrow. Just try and stop me!

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