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Postcards (59)

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I don’t really get the postcard thing. (I love receiving them though, feel free to send one my way.) The reason why I don’t get it is because postcards fall into two categories, and you must choose between these categories before you send one.

Category One: The on-time, scant on details, postcard

This postcard will arrive before you return from holiday, sharing the sunshine and joy, and sometimes rain. The problem with a category one postcard is that you must send it virtually as you check into the hotel. You really have nothing to say then, except ‘Hotel looks fine under the cover of darkness. Flight was fine.’ Not exactly riveting stuff, although it will have interesting stamps. And, crucially, it will arrive before you get home.

And then there is a category two postcard.

Category Two: The ‘I’m late BUT’ postcard

This kind of postcard is late… and not just late, but really late. It arrives three months after you’ve come back, and you’ve already filled in all those deemed important enough with the finer details of your trip. They are unfortunately the same people you sent the postcards too. The postcard eventually arrives late, but full of detail. It shows you thought of them (the stamps do that) and conveys your holiday excitement. Unfortunately it also shows them you didn’t really want to rush home and maybe you didn’t miss them as much as you should have…

So holiday-makers, as we enter the postcard season, which will it be for you?

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Script Frenzy (51 #oneaday)

Next month i’m going to be trying this thing called Script Frenzy. Never heard of it? Well have you heard of Nanowrimo? You haven’t? Do you live under a rock?

Script Frenzy is the little sister of Nanowrimo. Nanowrimo is National Novel Writing Month. Participants sign up to write a novel in a month. A novel is defined by a 50,000 word minimum, to be achieved by the end of the final day of November. That is 1,667 words a day people. It’s hard going, but fun. I haven’t completed one yet, maybe this year will be my year. It remains to be seen.

So April is Script Frenzy month. SF requires you to write a 100 page script over the month of April, that’s 3.5 pages a day. Not too difficult right? Easy peasy? Sure it sounds achievable, but it will be hard. There will be many challenges, the first being that I am in Dubai when it starts. I’ll work around it.

I’m sure you are maybe wondering what my point is, and it turns out i’m not just educating you on a random (but brilliant) project. Apparently, according to the Script Frenzy blog, I should invite a friend to write with me. This is meant to make life easier. So i’m inviting all of you, to join me, writing a script on the subject of your choice in April. Please. And let me know if you are. I want to read it at the end.

UPDATE: Also have just discovered the website has a ‘plot machine’ to generate random storylines for you. It’s worth visiting the website just for that.

(So we’re clear, i’ll be running a similar plea just before Nanowrimo. That ok with you? Good.)

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