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Hooked on Carl and Chas

Photo from Tim Green on Flickr.

After years of disinterest, I have returned to Emmerdale viewing for one reason – the relationship between Carl King and Chastity Dingle. When I was a religious soap watcher aka student, their on-off relationship had me hooked. From the accidental murder of Carl’s father, Tom, due to an argument about Chas (Carl pushes him and he falls out a window in true soap style) to the exposé of Carl’s infidelity by Chas at their wedding, it is non-stop action, drama and emotional turmoil.

The make or break of soap star relationships are, of course, the actors and this is no exception. There is just something about the chemistry between Tom Lister and Lucy Pargeter that keeps me tuning in for more. I was devastated along with Chas when Carl finished their relationship in 2007. I hated and pitied Carl when he had one affair after another, but always went back to Chas. For some reason, they just can’t stay away from each other.

Maybe that is the crux of it. Their relationship is flawed just like ours often are. They try to move on with other people, but they are still drawn to each other. It’s that all consuming love that you never really escape the draw of, even if it’s not always good for you. And now Carl has declared his love for Chas again in a sort of charming, if a little intense and unhinged, speech, but what will she do? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out. One thing’s for sure, with Carl and Chas it’s bound to be explosive!

A week of Emmerdale drama starts on ITV on the 15 October.


Script Frenzy (51 #oneaday)

Next month i’m going to be trying this thing called Script Frenzy. Never heard of it? Well have you heard of Nanowrimo? You haven’t? Do you live under a rock?

Script Frenzy is the little sister of Nanowrimo. Nanowrimo is National Novel Writing Month. Participants sign up to write a novel in a month. A novel is defined by a 50,000 word minimum, to be achieved by the end of the final day of November. That is 1,667 words a day people. It’s hard going, but fun. I haven’t completed one yet, maybe this year will be my year. It remains to be seen.

So April is Script Frenzy month. SF requires you to write a 100 page script over the month of April, that’s 3.5 pages a day. Not too difficult right? Easy peasy? Sure it sounds achievable, but it will be hard. There will be many challenges, the first being that I am in Dubai when it starts. I’ll work around it.

I’m sure you are maybe wondering what my point is, and it turns out i’m not just educating you on a random (but brilliant) project. Apparently, according to the Script Frenzy blog, I should invite a friend to write with me. This is meant to make life easier. So i’m inviting all of you, to join me, writing a script on the subject of your choice in April. Please. And let me know if you are. I want to read it at the end.

UPDATE: Also have just discovered the website has a ‘plot machine’ to generate random storylines for you. It’s worth visiting the website just for that.

(So we’re clear, i’ll be running a similar plea just before Nanowrimo. That ok with you? Good.)

Bank Statements (21 #oneaday)

I am watching Bank of Mum and Dad and their expert said something interesting. He said “You can tell a lot about someone from their bank statement and what they are spending money on, and you, you like socialising”.

This got me thinking, what does my bank statement say about me. It says I like petrol, food, mortgage repayments and feeding the dog. Wow. I’m so exciting.

Anyone want to go out tonight? Anyone? (Actually I can’t. I have plans.)

On a different note, the boy Andrew from Manchester on ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ is in trouble. Now he has both his parents there, and has been ordered to make corn beef hash. Must run, I might learn something…

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