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Midget Gems vs Chocolate Cookies (52 #oneaday)

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So this topic was suggested to me by someone on twitter (@bbodd) and, as I am always open to blog post suggestions I thought ‘Sure? Why not?’. And so here we are, talking about unimportant decisions.

I struggle over unimportant decisions every day. Whether to have cheese or tuna for lunch, if I should or should not close the door, to go left or right. All of these have stumped me, at some point, for a ridiculous amount of time. I’m not a strong decision maker, as anyone who knows me in real life will know.

However, what I am beginning to understand about myself is that this dithering doesn’t apply so much to important decisions. At least I know what I want from a situation and how to get it. I’d be brilliant in an emergency. At least I hope I would, because choosing a flavour of ice cream often has me confused, and I have to be good at something.

I know if I do or I don’t want a job. I know within the first ten seconds whether or not I like someone, and traits of their personality. I can’t however decide between midget gems and chocolate cookies. One is sweet and sickly, the other has more bulk and less sweetness but is potentially not as satisfying. The choice is on a wiggly line. It’s irrelevant, with almost imperceptive differences between the two. It doesn’t matter and therefore it is more difficult.

Do you see what I mean? Choose between life and death and it’s easy. Choose between sea green and turquoise, and life becomes a lot more difficult. What I have learnt is that my dithering over the small things, as irritating as it is for those I insist make the decisions for me, is not something to be concerned about. I suffer angst over these small things, but when it comes to it I will know the right decision to make.

In case you were wondering I chose midget gems over a chocolate cookie on @DaylightGambler‘s suggestion.


Twitter for Rory? (15 #oneaday)

Blog 15 for my #oneaday is a review of Puppy Tweets, Twitter for dogs over at Living With Rory.

Obsession With Technology (13 #oneaday)

We seem to have a problem in this modern age. A problem with obsession, obsession with technology. I am as guilty of this vice as the next guy. This is the start of an ill conceived rant so I apologise in advance.

Today, I am on Twitter, as I often am, and all I can see is the Apple Tablet comments. And then the Steve Jobs comments. And then the iPad comments. So much so that they consume my feed. I should be annoyed by this, but i’m not. I care. I want to know more despite the fact I have avoided any speculation about what Apple were planning to release. I’ve gone cold turkey. I’m like a heroin addict desperate for a fix.

I admit it. I am obsessed with technology. While at university for three years I managed to wing my way through over ten phones. Not cheap ones either, top of the range, new models. Since leaving over two years ago I have managed to keep my phone consumption down to about five, and I feel settled with my Blackberry Curve 8520. Although, since you are asking, i’d quite like a new Blackberry Bold 9700.

My computer consumption was finally curbed by a Sony Vaio laptop, which I have replaced with a new Sony Vaio laptop, while secretly craving a MacBook Air. I do wonder however, if people would take me more seriously with a MacBook Pro. Only in the media industry? Ok then.

Cameras have suffered a similar short lived life with me. My original APS camera was replaced by a Pentax Optio S. My Optio S was followed by a Sony thin camera thing. That was followed by a Olympus Miu 720 SW, etc. Etc. Until my Nikon D40X (I kind of want a Lumix G1).

I wonder what drives this in me, and from the focus on twitter I wonder what drives it in other people. Tech is an important part of me and I won’t be giving it up. My obsession with technology is here to stay, is yours? And more importantly, are you willing to admit that you suffer from it?

What Annoys Me on Twitter (Blog 9 #oneaday)

It’s no secret that I love Twitter, quite a lot. I use it to connect with other like minded people, a few people I know IRL and some companies and publications I am particularly interested in. The people I follow update with amusing, relevant ‘tweets’. Most of them also link to interesting things they have found online, or interesting things they have written themselves. Bearing this in mind I have a few bug-bears of how other people use Twitter.

Now the great thing about Twitter is that you don’t have to put up with any of the below, you follow who you follow, and leave out all the rest. You also have the right, if you wish, to do ALL of the below. That’s fine, I just won’t be following you. (This is with the exception of point one – that one I can forgive).

People who don’t have favourites. This is a minor one but still. All I can say is seriously? There has never been anything that anyone has posted that you want to remember? Not even a link you want to check out later? I think you are a little bit weird. Follow more people, particularly those who are amusing. This might even be a bit of a selfish point really, as when i’m bored I check out people’s favourites to learn more about what they find amusing (in a non-stalker way) and to find new people to follow.

People who only favourite themselves. I’ll accept a few of your own tweets, especially if it is clear it’s not just so you can go back and marvel at your own poetic genius. However, if every other tweet is your own I think you maybe need to take a long look in the mirror and decide that maybe this is not necessary. After all, there is plenty of opportunity to gloat in how amazing you are on your profile page (that’s where I go) without looking like you are insufferably arrogant.

Updating without links. Add value. Talk about something and then link to it. Don’t reference something obscure and then don’t give us access to it. Yes we all have Google but we don’t always have time to do three targeted searches on the way to the car. Link please!

Only following people you know. You are more than entitled to do this, just don’t then moan at me that Twitter is boring and uninspired. You know what those people you are following are going to say and what they are thinking because you see them everyday. You are not making the most of Twitter. This is your choice. Do Not Moan.

Those who don’t respond to conversations. Celebrities don’t respond to comments on their tweets because they have 80 million everyday. The rule for pretty much everyone else is, if the comment is fair or even amusing you should respond in some way. Even if it’s just to say ‘yeah!’. It makes you accessible. I think this is particularly important if you are a company or celebrity, for everyone else it is just polite!

Those who moan about celebrities not responding to conversations. See above.

Those who ONLY follow celebrities. This is again a different use of Twitter that you are perfectly entitled to do. It annoys me because there are so many non-celebrities that are amusing, intelligent, informative people. By all means follow celebrities, I do so myself, but open your eyes to the wider added value from others on the site.

Twitter is a brilliant tool if you use it to it’s best advantage. The biggest complaint I have is people criticising my use of the site because it has now become popularised and they don’t understand or like it. You don’t like it because you don’t use it the right way for you. Now you have an idea of how I use it, maybe you will look at it with new eyes.

You can follow me on twitter here.

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