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#oneaday struggle (77)

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As i’m sure you have all noticed, I am seriously struggling with my #oneaday posts. Quite simply life is getting in the way. I’m trying to step up my riding by exercising a friend’s horse in the evening after work. I’m attempting to continue to keep in touch with friends from my old work, and make time for new friendships at my new work. I’m trying to read and write my own work. And sketch, and sort out my new house (which is currently a tip by the way). Oh and me and Rory are trying to progress at dog agility. I’m pretty competitive so we totally need to be the best.

So why am I telling you this? Because I’m not throwing in the towel. I committed to this project and I want to push forward with it. And in the spirit of that I want to share with you something which i’m sure i’ve told you about before. It’s TiLT. TiLT is ‘Things I Love Thursday’ by Gala Darling. It encompasses all those things that make me happy, from pretty things (I love pretty things) to tv shows, to personal experiences, to fashion. I love it and I love Gala. You should check her blog out.

In the beginning I started this blog because she inspired me to want to do something cool, and individual, and to love and express myself in my own way.

So that’s it really. I’m here and i’m not giving up even though it’s hard.

What may result from this is a whole lot of blog posts from my phone, now I have finally got my wordpress app back up and working…


Writing thought (68)

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I’m thinking about starting a separate blog about ‘THE’ book. Or more specifically books. Or more more specifically inspiration for storylines and characters, writing advice that I think is fab, and you know, book ideas and stuff.

And, since this is a new blog I thought I might try Tumblr. Now WordPress, don’t cry because I am most definitely not abandoning you. Hell no. I’m still here, blogging (almost) every day (ish), and sometimes talking about things that are important (but mostly not). I just feel like blogging here about book stuff just wouldn’t really be right. What I really need is an extension of Twitter, so I can elaborate on what I think about things, and how things have inspired me. I think that would be disruptive away from the general general theme here. (Yes I meant to say general twice.)

Oh and my WordPress app on my Blackberry has decided to corrupt on me. Annoying times one million.

#1b1t (67)

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#1b1t is the twitter tag for One Book, One Twitter. The idea is to start a twitter-wide book club. Over the past few days twitter users have been voting and the first book has been chosen. In fact, appropriately it is a book written by an author who is very active on twitter. It is American Gods by Neil Gaiman.

I’m quite excited about this project. You can read more about the original concept here, and learn more about it by following @crowdsourcing.

One-A-Day and blogging (66)

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I started the current versions of this blog and Living With Rory fairly recently, although I don’t know the date exactly. The plan was to showcase my writing, while improving it and learning more about myself. I think I have done those things. In fact, i’ve even changed my day-to-day life through blogging. I changed jobs about two months ago. The directors and my new boss(es) read my blogs before they interviewed me. They asked me about my writing online, and my use of twitter. They told me I had showcased my writing well and that they knew I could write. They also asked me how I found the time around a full time job to write. What was my truthful answer? “I wanted to write for a living, and I wanted to be able to come into an interview situation like this and prove that I was serious, and that I could write.” They liked that. I got the job.

So now I write for a living. That was the initial intention. Arguably I now learn more from my daily work, than I do from the action of writing over and over in a short space of time blogging in the evening. I definitely learn more about structure and about publishing as a whole.

I have also learnt more about myself. I do have opinions and I value other people’s comments. I never thought I would have even one blog reader. I get comments sometimes so I guess I do have readers, sometimes.

I have achieved all my goals. When I joined the one-a-day collective I had not. It was an amazing challenge, one post a day for a year. 365 days, 365 posts. An amazing but tough challenge, a chance to achieve the internal goals I had set myself.

There are days when I don’t write and I don’t lie about it. My goal is now 365 posts over the year. Some people would say i’m a failure, but you know what? I’m still here. People have fallen by the wayside, day after day on the challenge, and I have to ask is it because of the judgmental nature of others? There are millions of reasons why you might not post, stuff gets in the way. I’ve suffered a variety of setbacks from technical issues and work commitments, to just flat out despondency. But I am still here. I have stuck it out. If others had understood they could still be part of the collective after missing a day or two, maybe they would still be here, blogging more often than they would otherwise, and learning more about themselves and their writing. They should be here.

I refuse to accept I have failed. I have become more regimented about my writing, I have got a job writing full-time and I am definitely happier than when I started this project. And I have blogged more than I would have otherwise – only you can decide whether that has been a good or a bad thing. The moral of the story is stick at it, even if you are not exactly within the rules set out at the beginning.

At the end of the day, even the founder of this whole project, he who made the rules, isn’t here taking part. There are no police marching up and down setting the boundaries, throwing you out the collective when you can’t write. I guess what I’m saying is, if you feel like it, you should join in or rejoin the project. You can be on my one-a-day list and there are no failures here, as long as you give the project your best. Because really, that is all any of us can give.

Postcards (59)

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I don’t really get the postcard thing. (I love receiving them though, feel free to send one my way.) The reason why I don’t get it is because postcards fall into two categories, and you must choose between these categories before you send one.

Category One: The on-time, scant on details, postcard

This postcard will arrive before you return from holiday, sharing the sunshine and joy, and sometimes rain. The problem with a category one postcard is that you must send it virtually as you check into the hotel. You really have nothing to say then, except ‘Hotel looks fine under the cover of darkness. Flight was fine.’ Not exactly riveting stuff, although it will have interesting stamps. And, crucially, it will arrive before you get home.

And then there is a category two postcard.

Category Two: The ‘I’m late BUT’ postcard

This kind of postcard is late… and not just late, but really late. It arrives three months after you’ve come back, and you’ve already filled in all those deemed important enough with the finer details of your trip. They are unfortunately the same people you sent the postcards too. The postcard eventually arrives late, but full of detail. It shows you thought of them (the stamps do that) and conveys your holiday excitement. Unfortunately it also shows them you didn’t really want to rush home and maybe you didn’t miss them as much as you should have…

So holiday-makers, as we enter the postcard season, which will it be for you?

To check out some postcards with secrets on them, see

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